• Open-Mesh OM2P-NA 150Mbps 23dBm PNP Mesh Router No PS

The OM2P is a high power 802.11n (802.11g compatible) wireless mesh router ideally suited for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere you need to share a connection. Examples include hotels, apartments, neighborhoods, coffee shops, shopping malls, campgrounds, and marinas.

Each router is an access point, mesh gateway and repeater all in one tiny reliable package.

The OM2P is identical to our best-selling OM1P but adds the following features:

  • 802.11n for up to 4x the real speed
  • Up to 4x transmit power.
  • 2x faster processor
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Twice the flash for faster, safer over-the-air upgrades with less downtime
  • Tri-color Mesh quality light

Notes: The mesh feature is not compatible with the MR500 (MR500 currently meshes only on 5ghz). Real speed (as measured via ISP speed tests) is up to 45mbps from gateway nodes, and 17mbps from 1 hop repeaters using standard 20mhz channels. 40mhz channel support is coming in a future firmware upgrade and will further increase speed.

The OM2P includes a hardware watchdog chip that will restart the router should it lock up due to environmental or power spikes or short outages. This greatly minimizes truck rolls and customer service calls.


  • WLAN Standard: 802.11n, 1x1
  • Antenna: 3dbi RP-SMA
  • RF Power: Up to 400mw (26dBm)
  • Ethernet: 2 (WAN & LAN)
  • POE: 12-24v, NON 802.3af
  • Power Supply: 12vdc, 110vac
  • LEDs: Power, Internet, Tri-color Mesh quality
  • Temperature: 0-50 C
  • Dimensions: 3.75” x 2.75” x 1”
  • Certifications: FCC / IC / CE


  • Indoor Wall Plug EnclosureM
  • Outdoor (pole & wall) Enclosure
  • EU Power Supply (240v)

Cloud Controller Features:

  • Dual SSIDs, typically one 'open' and one 'private', although both can be WPA encrypted.
  • Bandwidth can be limited up and down, per user on the first 'public' ESSID.
  • Public ESSID has an optional splash page feature. The splash page is fully editable via an HTML/WYSIWYG editor.
  • User authentication and credit card payment (PayPal) options.
  • Redirect users to any web page on login on the public ESSID.
  • Wireless bridge mode allows computers to plug into the ethernet port on 'repeaters' without needing a wireless adapter.
  • Firewall prevents public users from accessing the wired LAN or private ESSID (can be disabled).
  • Nodes automatically update firmware to latest stable version. Optional 'test' upgrades available.
  • SSH is supported and you can change the network password.

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Open-Mesh OM2P-NA 150Mbps 23dBm PNP Mesh Router No PS

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